Fluoride Affects Fertility!?!?!

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

I have been doing some online reading about infertility and came upon some readings about “fluoride” and its connection with “infertility”. It’s so scary knowing that fluoride can affect fertility! A little over a year ago, my husband and I decided to try a new brand of water. The brand of water has a cute little baby on it, so it’s suppose to be good for babies. Anyhow, it has fluoride in it. After reading about fluoride’s connection with infertility, we are now going to stop drinking that brand of water. Much of the tap water nowadays also has fluoride. So, it is hard to remove it before drinking. Fluoride is in so many other food and products like tooth paste.

I feel that nowadays, our food is not safe! I’m trying hard to change my eating habits and the type of food to eat. However, I’m finding it hard to find food that is healthy without it having unknown poison, pesticides, artificial coloring…etc. The list can go on. I feel that my healthy food list is limited. :(  <– Sad face.

Anyhow, my findings about fluoride have stunned me. How are we suppose to keep our body healthy if the basic things we need such as water is filled with poison?

2 thoughts on “Fluoride Affects Fertility!?!?!

  1. I feel like when each month fails we start panicking and finding reasons why. our minds need to have some logic, like this is the reason for that. action and a reaction. But sometimes its just nothing. Its the reason why it didnt work this time…no reason at all. Dont kill yourself over every single tiny possibility, youll drive yourself crazy. I for myself am a big advocate in taking very good care of yourself, and I love a lot of the suggestions and things youve talked about to heal ourselves. I really wish there were answers; a reason why this is all happening to us.

    • Thanks for the support! And I agree with you. I think when we’re feeling lost and feeling like we’re failing in our TTC journey, especially as a woman who can’t seem to get pregnant, we do tend to start panicking. Hope all is well for you!

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